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 funding overview
Designed for real estate investors who need "wet funding" for a Back to Back closing, without using any of their own cash. 

Transactional funding is a “One Day Loan” to bridge the transaction.

Transactional Funding is a relatively new concept. Historically real estate investors would work with the closing agents to conduct “Simultaneous” Closings, where the End-Buyers (B Side) funds would be used for the Investors (A Side) purchase of the property.

With the increased scrutiny and recent regulatory actions, these types of transactions have become difficult, if not impossible. Even the most “Investor Friendly” closing companies have had to change their practices to comply with these pressures.

Transactional Funding provides an easy alternative to the transaction, by breaking the A Side purchase and B Side sale in to two completely separate transactions, each independently funded. This type of closing is typically referred to as Back-to-Back Closing, reducing the liabilities for all.

Why Partner?

- Fund Short Sale Deals: Banks require you to fully acquire properties before selling to a potential buyer. Thanks to transactional funding, buyers may satisfy the bank’s invested interest in a property first, and proceed to participate in a subsequent transaction to purchase the property. 

- Maximize Your Profits: Give yourself more negotiating power and leverage by coming to the table as a legitimate business partner and eliminating the disclosure of your assignment fee from buyers and sellers to maximize wholesale profits. Never have to reveal your assignment fees to buyers or sellers no matter how large by legitimately being the “Cash Buyer” and flipping your deal at the closing table.

- Close More Deals: Leveraging TREF Transactional Funding gives you the access to close more deals and get in and out of deals quickly, which will allow them to move on to the next deal a lot faster than many other real estate exit strategies.

-Posture: Elevate your posture and position from strictly wholesaler “middleman” to legitimate “Cash Buyer” investor and close more deals with higher profit margins.

-Compliance: Execute ethical and compliant real estate wholesale deals in any market by becoming a legitimate “Cash Buyer” which mitigates your risk of deal collapse, fines, lawsuits or criminal charges for illegal or unethical wholesale transactions.   

-Priceless Experience: Indoctrinate yourself in the real estate investing process. Participate in real estate closings either in person or virtually giving you the priceless experience of investing with minimal risk and maximum profits.

-Proof Of Funds: With our verified Proof Of Funds Letters (POF), you will have more confidence and leverage to negotiate and close deals with any motivated seller.

What You Need to Partner With Us:

- No experience needed
- No credit score requirement  
- No cash reserves 
- No employment verification 
- Funding amount from $10,000 to $3,000,000
- Types of deals we lend on: Raw Land, Residential, Commercial & Mixed-Use Industrial 
Meet Issac Grace
Issac Grace is a wholesaling master. Apart from closing 100 wholesaling deals, Issac is a mentor and coach. He spends his time helping students in his Cash Buyers Academy discover how to find, fund, and flip no money down real estate deals. Isaac is also experienced in helping individuals with no credit and no cash become legitimate real estate investors.
Meet Jay Morrison
Jay Morrison has been featured on BET, Fox Business, and The Today Show among others. He is the founder and President of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, the first black owned real estate fund in history. 

Beating the odds after living in poverty, dropping out of high school and serving prison time for drug trafficking– this two-time best-selling author was able to turn his life around by breaking into real estate and becoming one of the industry’s biggest influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transactional Funding?

Transactional Funding or also known as Double Closing Funding is a short term loan provided to wholesalers who purchase and quickly re-sell a property the same day. The seller of the property is typically called “Party A”. The wholesaler is typically called “Party B”. The end buyer of the property is typically called “Party C”. Transactional Funding deals are also sometimes called “A-B – B-C” Transactions.

Can I use this funding for more than 1 day?

No, our program does not allow for terms beyond 1 day. 

When is Transactional Funding needed?

Transactional Funding Service uses for Two Basic Reasons:

1. They have a contract that is Not Assignable to a third party. This is typical when purchasing properties off MLS, Bank Owned Properties, or properties owned by Government Entities (HUD, FHA, Fannie Mae, etc.)

2. The Wholesaler/Investor, choosing not to assign the contract in order to maximize their wholesale markup. Many times end buyers will not purchase a property if the Assignment Fee is too high. You do not have to Disclose your Contract Details to the “C” End Buyer when you utilize Transactional Funding.

When in the wholesaling process should I submit for funding?

You should submit for funding 10-14 days before closing and have/have done the following:
- Acquisition Contract and Disposition Contract 
- Title Company identified
- Notifying  title company that you are partnering with TREF Transactional Funding as a finance partner
- Closing Date
- Entity taking title

Is credit a factor to obtain Transactional Funding?

No. There are no personal financial requirements to obtain Transactional Funding. We do not run your credit and do not require bank statements, tax returns, proof of income etc

How to Use Transactional Funding?

Our clients use our Transactional Funding for two basic reasons:
- They have a contract that is NOT ASSIGNABLE to a third party. This is typical when purchasing properties off MLS, bank owned properties, or properties owned by government entities (HUD, FHA, Fannie Mae, etc)
- The wholesaler is choosing not to assign the contract in order to maximize their wholesale profit. Many times end buyers will not purchase a property if the assignment fee is too high. You do not have to disclose your contract details to the end buyer when you utilize Transactional Funding

Is there a minimum or maximum funding amount?

Our funding range per day is a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $3,000,000 per day

Do I have to close with the same closing office?

Our Transactional Funding requires both the A-B and the B-C transactions occur at the same settlement office or title company. However, some exceptions may be possible. Please discuss your specific situation with your closing agent if your transactions are closing at different offices

No extended closing days (both contracts must close the same day)

What are our Transactional Closing Funding Fees? 

We offer flexible funding terms, starting at 1% plus doc prep fees

Do you offer proof of funds letters?

Yes, we offer free Proof of Funds letters to our clients. 

What happens after I submit my deal?

Expect a call from the team in 3 business days or less. Reach out to for any additional questions.
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